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The Literary Fame of Taylor Jenkins Reid

Max Barajas | Writer | @maxiemaxbarajas

“I started singing and I looked at him. And he looked at me. And, you know what? For three minutes, I think I forgot we were performing for twenty thousand people. I forgot his family was standing there. I forgot we were singers in a band. I just existed. For three minutes. Singing to the man I loved.”

This quote is taken from page 309 of Daisy Jones & The Six, a beloved book by bestselling author, Taylor Jenkins Reid. Reid has published books that made readers fall in love with her powerful writing, and enchanting characters like Evelyn Hugo, Mick & Nina Riva, Daisy Jones, and most recently, Carrie Soto. She has written several books including The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Daisy Jones & The Six, and Malibu Rising, and has recently just released Carrie Soto is Back.

The author’s novels are praised and adored highly on Book Tok, especially The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Since their publication, Daisy Jones and The Seven Husbands have both sold over one million copies.

I fell in love with Daisy Jones & the Six when I first read it back in 2019. I heard about it from Reese Witherspoon when she selected it for her book club in March of that year. Back then, nobody really knew about Reid’s novels. Her books made it to the NYT Best Seller list, but now, I hear tons of praise from the help of social media, especially TikTok. I hope people around the world will read her books, and potentially fall in love with her characters and stories, just like I have.


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