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The LGBTQ Version of Harry Potter

Do you enjoy wizards, vampires and being an LGBTQ+ ally? I know I sure do! This past summer, I recently read the Simon Snow book series written by Rainbow Rowell.

These books follow students that attend the private Watford School of Magicks. The main characters include Simon Snow, the worst “chosen one” and his irritable vampire roommate, Baz (Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch). The author explores the boy’s love-hate relationship with each other. Their relationship is the perfect example of an enemy to lovers trope. Some other characters include Simon’s loyal best friend Penelope Bunce and Simon’s on and off girlfriend, Agatha Wellbelove. All three installments of the series are presented from the many characters’ points of views, so the audience understands what is happening, but the characters do not know all the information the readers know.

This book series is a perfect coming of age novel that explores relationships, love, and trauma. I have not seen any other authors portray the “chosen one” this way and it is done masterfully through showing how Simon has his monsters and shortcomings too. This book does give off “Harry Potter” vibes, but Rainbow Rowell created her own world and characters that stick with you after finishing the book. I am not trying to do a sales pitch for this series, but every time I reread these books, I fall in love all over again. I urge readers to take a chance on this captivating and heart-warming series because it helps remind us of the importance of never letting anyone dull your magic.


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