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The Great Salad Toppings Debate

Kacey Pasquarella | Writer

I have a salad for lunch and dinner almost every day. Salads are so delicious and help to keep us feeling full longer, and can be a main course, side dish, or an appetizer. Salad is like ice cream because there are so many different toppings you can add to make it better. But that would be gross if they made salad flavored ice cream. There is a ranch flavored ice cream out there so I wouldn’t be surprised if a salad flavor comes out. 

I usually put cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli, and onion on my salad. The onion adds a spice factor to it, and I usually don’t like onion on anything. Sometimes I need an extra crunch factor from a salad, so I add bacon bits or a small number of croutons to it. I know some people add dried beet pieces or small tortilla pieces for the extra crunch. Here's the dilemma with that: how do we decide which topping is simply the best to add to a salad? I know my opinion is different than everyone else's, but it is mine. 

The ultimate salad topping for me is croutons. Specifically, garlic butter croutons. They add flavor because of the garlic, and they soak up the dressing. They are like tiny little flavor bombs. I also snag some for a midday snack here and there. So, I wanna know, what’s your ultimate salad topping?


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