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The Expectations of Masculinity

Kevin Baur | Editor

In many cultures, society’s expectations of men perpetuate an unhealthy stereotype of what masculinity should be. Even now, in increasingly progressive times, the number of men who are negatively affected by such ideas makes the issue seem unapproachable.

One of the worst aspects of what is considered masculinity is being emotionally unavailable. Men are often expected to suppress their feelings and be strong rather than allow such things to run their course.

Personally, I have felt the pressure to not allow myself to feel my emotions over the course of my life. While it is much better now, I spent years as a child not knowing how to deal with all of my emotions.

I thought that I was being a man, I thought allowing myself to feel made me weak.. I felt superior when I was able to overcome emotional responses with pure stoicism. But I bottled it all up, eventually getting overwhelmed time and time again.

Over time, I was able to gain enough emotional maturity to understand that my methods were unrealistic. I believe that the number of men experiencing these issues is decreasing by the day, but there are still role models for this unhealthy idea of masculinity..

One public figure who has become a beacon for young men around the world is Andrew Tate. Tate has become an internet sensation in the past year, using his platform to preach his beliefs and ideals.

Sadly, these ideals seem to be both misogynistic and consistent with some of the toxic expectations of masculinity. He is more interested in teaching young men how to be dominant over others than instilling healthy habits in his followers.

I believe that this issue is being caused by a mixture of internet access and the lacking role models that just about every child is able to watch through their phones. A child may see one person with somewhat agreeable ideas and decide that they will follow this person no matter what. This can be a slippery slope of indoctrination for the youth of today.


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