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The Dark Side of Convenience

Laurisa Gruver | Editor

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Think about the last time you went to a movie theater. Did you see families and friends all gathered together, eagerly chatting amongst themselves? Or did you walk into an empty lobby? Or how about the last time you went to the mall. Did you see friend groups enjoying eachothers’ company and thriving shops lining the walls? Or did you see the skeletal remains of a once bustling, lively social center?

As an extroverted young college student, these images of desolation have haunted me. At one time, it was people my age who frequented these places, friend groups joking and laughing together, going on dates, getting out and just having fun.

But why would anyone go to a movie today? Press a few different buttons on a remote and a dozen streaming services are right at your fingertips. Why would anyone go to the mall? Shopping online can be done with the press of a few buttons.

It’s convenient… Convenient, but not the same. Young adults are missing out on the experiences that at one time defined young adulthood, and things have only gotten worse since the pandemic.

We have become so used to everything being a button-press or a tap away, which is a wonderful advancement in technology. But sometimes, it feels as if we’re missing out on something. We don’t want to step out there. We want to stay home where things are predictable and easy.

So maybe next time you fill up your shopping list or next time you're bored and looking for something to do on a Friday night, get out there. Make some memories. Enjoy the time you have as a young adult, because this time doesn’t last long.


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