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The Crazy World Of Professional Wrestling

Dennis Paul | Writer

I want to talk about how much awesomeness has been going on in the pro wrestling world as of late. First thing first rest in peace to Windham Lawrence Rotunda, also known as “Bray Wyatt” who recently passed away on Aug. 24th. Now one of the biggest pieces of wrestling news, Adam Copeland, also known as “Edge” left World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and went to sign with their biggest rival company, All Elite Wrestling. This was one of the biggest pieces of news in the wrestling world today and it comes as a shock to see since he was a part of WWE since 1998.

This past Tuesday we saw NXT which is WWE’s Tuesday primetime show and AEW Dynamite which usually airs on Wednesday. The two shows regularly compete against each other on the same time slot that fans call a Tuesday night war. AEW announced that Adam Copeland who was known as “Edge” in WWE would be making his in-ring debut for the company on that episode, while WWE announced that John Cena and Paul Heyman would be making an appearance on the show. Even though both shows did really well in the ratings, NXT easily destroyed Dynamite by almost 300,000 viewers. What came as an even bigger surprise happened at the end of NXT's broadcast when the unannounced arrival of WWE Hall of Famer “The Undertaker” made a surprise appearance. People were so hyped for this episode of NXT that they were waiting outside the arena for almost a day in advance just to get in there.

At this moment in time, the world of professional wrestling is going through some crazy times and I'm telling you this before the end of the year it's going to get even crazier so sit back enjoy the ride, and let's watch some good old fashioned wrestling.


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