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The College Life is Hard for Many Students to Deal With

Brandon Bernhard | Writer

Ethan Antolosky | Editor

The “college life” is hard for many students to deal with. They experience many challenges, including work-life balance, mental health issues, and more. While those topics are important for college students to recognize, none of them matter if they can’t pass a test.

I find that using websites like Chegg and Quizlet helps me to learn exactly what I need to know efficiently and effectively. Chegg is a website that helps students with assignments and shows them how to complete them. On Quizlet, students can find pre-made flashcards for any topic of their choosing. And while the information may not stick as well, it is good for a quick refresher before an exam.

There are other study techniques that don’t require excessive time or effort. I have found that writing detailed notes and simply paying close attention in class removes the need to cram right before an exam.

An article by Brian Goodwin on ASCD (The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) explains that this technique helps students to better retain information and think more about their learning, even in students with learning disabilities.

With this post, I hope I can shed light on ways to study better, especially when you have little time.


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