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The Best Video Game

Kipp Tonkin | Writer

First and foremost mobile apps are not games, no matter how much your mother plays Candy Crush. Every gamer has their own personal preferences and for that reason, we must dismiss all bias and favoritism and explain why Minecraft is the best combination out of them all.

In order to reach the most players, a cross-platform game would make the most sense. This eliminates most PlayStation exclusives such as Spider-Man and Nintendo games such as Zelda since few of them are playable on other consoles.

While story driven games such as God of War and Uncharted are a blast, they are more of a once and done deal. DLC’s (downloadable content) provide an extra few hours of new content, but the end result is the same.

The best game should also be complex and focus on creativity so that players can choose their own path and create their own fun within the game such as Terraria or Fallout.

There must also be the choice to play the game with or without other people. Grand Theft Auto, GTA, has a story and an online option.

The one game that encompases all that has been stated thus far would be the one and only Minecraft. Although it seems like a children's game, it is the best selling game of all time. It is gross-platform, has a story but is not necessarily story driven, is constantly being updated with new content, has endless creative possibilities, and can be played alone or with friends. It is the perfect game for all to enjoy.


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