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The Best Time Of The Year

Veronica Querio | Writer

How many of you are not fans of winter? Well, let me tell you, you're not alone. I HATE winter, I am a huge summer girl. During my summer time, I love to hang out outside/do anything fun outside, enjoy the heat, and spend time at the beach! Speaking of…IT’S ALMOST VACATION TIME! That’s right, we are 2 months or less away from starting to feel the summer heat. In reaction to that, it’s time to start booking hotels and planning the month you want to go. If you delay any longer, you may not even get good reservations!

Some people like to go at the beginning of July, due to the mid-to-high peak season of heat. It’s the perfect time to toss on a bathing suit, run to the beach, jump into the nice cooling water, and enjoy the aquatic life. You may even find yourself swimming in the ocean all day until sunset just because it is so enjoyable.

A lot of people also enjoy walking the boardwalks, especially to get their sweet treats like ice cream or other desserts, or maybe check out the rides on their piers and check out the multiple shops on every square inch. Even though sometimes we may find them annoying because they're the same places for most of the boardwalk, there's something about the thrill that drives us.

Are you now ready to plan your next vacation? Book before it’s too late!


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