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The Art of Expression

Emily Ramsey | Writer

Open poetry books and a cup of coffee

I used to think poetry was lame.  Nothing but a flowery facade of nonsense thou had used in Shakespeare’s time.  However, something kept calling me back to poetry all these years, and I’ve come to appreciate that poetry is a form of expression like no other.  Nothing quite captures raw emotion like poetry does.  Nothing so eloquently makes a comment on the state of the world. 

Poetry is like a camera, leaving a snapshot of a moment in time.  Encapsulating the pain, the loss, the joy of life, all in a short stanza.  Feelings are fleeting, yet with poetry they are ingrained within the page, never truly to be forgotten.  That’s why taking a creative writing class at LCCC was so impactful to my journey as a writer.

The hardest step is putting your writing out there, yet there is something so magical about another person reading your work, and finding their own meaning within it.  Writers are often depicted as some depressed poet, typing away within the confines of their dusty bedroom walls.  But writing is an art of truly understanding the human experience.  It's what connects you to the world.  That’s why it's important that LCCC supports its writers.

So pick up a pen, write for 15 minutes, and share it with someone.  Tell someone something you can’t put in words, express your gratitude and love, or simply fuel your dragon slaying escapist fantasies.  Writing has it all.


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