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TADC Shines with “Bright Star”

Kipp Tonkin | Writer

Entryway built into the set of the Tamaqua Area Drama Club’s Bright Star.

The Tamaqua Area Drama Club, TADC, has been performing shows for the last 10 years. The club produces two shows each year and its latest show, “Bright Star”, marks 20 shows that have come and gone.

Senior Kash Radocha, 17, has been with the club for more than four years. Radocha worked on eight shows and believes that the club has come this far from the dedication and cultivation of the younger performers.

“When I first joined, I didn't know who anybody was; I knew like five people and that was it,” Radocha said. “But, in this show, everyone knew each other and everyone was family even if you were brand new.”

TADC’s first show, “Bee My Baby”, was a student-written show with no more than 20 actors. Alumnae Briana Morrison recalls the club's origins and states that the number of actors has now grown over double.

“It’s amazing to see how it went from a tiny club with no budget, to putting on shows like ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Mary Poppins’, and ‘Spongebob’,” Morrison said. “I can’t express how insanely proud I am to be an alumni of the TADC.”

Although “Bright Star” had not sold out any of its performances like some of their previous shows, both Radocha and Morrison agreed that this show was a success.

As the Tamaqua Area Drama Club closes the curtain for “Bright Star”, they look to the future and continue to build interest, involvement, and success. Much like the club’s small and insubstantial beginnings, Sic Parvis Magna, greatness from small beginnings.


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