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Stay Active This Summer With The Valley Preferred Cycling Center

Cloie Hummel | Writer

This year's summer is off to a hot start. With many students eager to jump outside and bask in the sun, this is your reminder to stay active. Why spend so much time staring at the screen when there’s plenty of things to explore in the Lehigh Valley? A unique option is the Valley Preferred Cycling Center located in Breinigsville. 

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center (VPCC), also known as The Velodrome, is holding different events from May through August that entail bike races, tailgates, and plenty of concessions for viewers and bikers alike. Friday Nights Under The Lights take place every Friday starting May 24 to August 16 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. According to event staff, Friday Nights Under The Lights offers concessions, outside games, face painting, fairy hair and more for those wanting to attend. 

“The Velodrome is a community lifestyle that brings people together,” said Cara King, VPCC Staff Director. “Providing the public not only health benefits and safety, but also thrill and excitement.” 

For those who can’t make the event or are looking for a more casual setting, the Velodrome track is open for membership starting Monday, April 8, where riders can rent a bike for as little as $10. Membership prices vary, however, there are free day passes for riding on the track.

Local Guide Christopher Watts said, “This place is a cycling paradise. Fantastic racing, fantastic facilities, easy to get to. There's a reason Ttown (another name for the Velodrome, referring to Trexlertown) attracts the finest racers from across the world. Make the trip, you won't regret it.”

Consider staying active this summer by ditching screens and crowded gyms for what the Velodrome has to offer– rental bikes, views, an open track, and a welcoming community. For more information on ticket prices, membership prices, and donations, visit


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