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Spring At The Zoo: Come Inside And See All The Animals!

Jessica Frank | Writer

Spring is here and there is no better time than now to go outside and enjoy it. There are many things to do such as hiking, bike riding, gardening, and if you love animals, going to the zoo!

The zoo has many seasonal events, depending on what time of year it is. According to the Lehigh Valley Zoo’s Website there will be a few events which include: Mother’s Day At The Zoo, Hops for Pops, Zoocoustic Night, and much more. On Sunday, May 14, Mother’s Day features a variety of crafts for kids and mothers will receive free flowers to celebrate the occasion. Another event is the Hops for Pops which will be held on Sunday, June 18, where guests 21 and over can sample free beer, as well as explore the zoo and enjoy tons of other Father’s Day activities. For all those who enjoy music, Zoocoustic Night is the perfect time to hang out with family and friends on Saturday, June 24.

“We have events going on every month, so please visit our website for the next upcoming events so you don’t miss out on anything,” said Natalie Hildebrand, Education Department at Lehigh Valley Zoo.

There is also some exciting news at the zoo. A new exhibit called Habitat Madagascar, which will be climate controlled all year round, will provide both indoor and outdoor living space for lemurs and tortoises when they are off exhibit. This exhibit is still in need of donations and, due to this reason, it is still under construction.

In case it’s been a while since your last visit, some of the animals you’ll find at the Lehigh Valley Zoo include bobcats, Grant’s zebra (a subspecies of the plains zebra), Masai giraffe, African penguins, and a lot more. Depending on the time of day, some animals may be more active during daylight hours (diurnal) and others may be more active at night (nocturnal).

The zoologists have their work cut out for them at the zoo.

“The easiest exhibits to maintain would be our smaller reptile exhibits like our box turtles, lizards, tortoises, etc. Smaller spaces = less poop/food to clean up,” said Hildebrand. “The hardest exhibit would be the penguin exhibit. Birds poop every 20 minutes, add 14 total birds, and their poop stains pretty quickly so there is lots of scrubbing and rinsing and disinfecting.

So whether you’re looking for a place to spend time with the family or you just want an excuse to go outside, visit the Lehigh Valley Zoo.


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