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Smith And Gery Prepare For Upcoming Basketball Season

Alden Sayre | Writer

Zaibeaughn Smith, LCCC Cougars’ point guard and captain, and Colin Gery, power forward, are hyped for a great season. Smith, who’s been playing basketball on his mini hoop since he was 3, and Gery, who’s been playing since third grade, have been playing all their lives. They look forward to showing the LCCC community--and the Lehigh Valley--what they can do this season.

Even though the pandemic made practicing more difficult due to closed basketball courts, these two players found places to dribble and shoot anywhere they could.

Smith said his position and title run hand-in-hand due to his “leadership on and off the court.” On the court, he directs his team, putting them in the best positions to succeed. While off the court, he encourages his teammates to keep their grades up, making sure they do their work.

Smith, on the shorter side at 5 feet, 7 inches, “plays with heart over height.” His positive attitude separates him from other players at his position. Smith’s goal is to attend a 4-year-school or play semi-pro.

Gery, who led LCCC in scoring last season, prides himself on his offensive versatility.

“Having a natural ability to what I’m known for,” said Gery.

Even after being the leading scorer, Gery, 6 feet, 5 inches, can’t escape the stereotype that bigger players lack certain skills.

“People assume I can’t shoot or dribble and that’s not the case,” said Gery.

This is why he looks up to former NBA all-star, Dirk Nowitzki, for challenging that stereotype.

Basketball’s impact varies from person to person, but for Gery it’s been positive.

“I don’t know where I would be [without basketball],” said Gery.

Smith and Gery, though completely different players, consider themselves to be a dynamic duo. They agree that they're going to need each other not only to win games, but to make each other look good. There’s a lot on the line this season. Go Cougars!


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