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Shaping a Routine

Jayme Whitcomb | Writer

Time is an endless happening, and yet, as students, it seems like it is always fleeting. Complaints about not having enough time are constant. However, it is not time we are lacking, but rather, our grasp of it. How many days have you allowed to slip by, excusing their potential away with your redundant routine? I hate to discredit all of your education up until this point, but we have to revisit the basics. An octagon has eight sides, a square has four, and a triangle, three. However, when I think of these shapes, I don’t add up their points. Instead, I think of their volume; the capacities at which they can hold. I suppose that their edged appearances are intriguing. But like a blunt routine, they get stuck within themselves, focusing on more insignificant points. To use these shapes in terms of routine would often leave us feeling depleted by the day’s end. Circles, though, are evenly rimmed in moderation. Nothing about them stands out, for they are perfectly centered with all points contained. When sectioning your day into a routine, try to make it resemble a circle. When a measure moves along smoothly, let it be sound. There is something solacing about accepting moments as they move to their own fare, our minds clinging to nothing more than the composed sequences within them.


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