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Rienventing Yourself

Everyone strives to be their best selves, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. No matter how big or small the change is, it can help you reinvent yourself and become the ideal version of yourself.

Just a couple weeks ago I dyed my hair purple and it’s been one of the greatest changes. A whole new level of confidence and appreciation for myself has sprouted just from this one small change I’ve made in my appearance. For many years, I’ve always wanted to do something different with myself, and my mind had always gone to dying my hair a fantasy color which is any hair color that is not found naturally. This can be blue, pink, purple, or any color you could imagine. And while I’ve had this idea for a while, I always backed out since I was always scared of the end result. Between worrying about others' thoughts or if I wouldn’t have liked the new color myself, I finally put that all behind me and decided to go through with my decision.

While I’m a firm believer that we must learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are, changing our appearance in small ways can always spark up that fire within us whenever we need the extra push. With dying your hair, getting a tattoo, or even working on yourself physically or spiritually, it can always help remind us who we are and the power we hold within ourselves.


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