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Strength in Leisure

Haley Aleman | Writer

As we get older, it’s expected of us to grow apart from our roots, but sentimental as I am, I’ve single-handedly decided to deviate from this stigma. 

Recently, I’ve been taking time out of my schedule to revert back to those aforementioned roots and spend some quality time with my mom. Since the spring semester started back up, coupled with work, I’ve got enough on my plate for it to be considered borderline dismissive. With this borrowed time I’ve gotten to do things I usually never would, watching movies, perfecting baked goods, and hearing stories that I’d never get the chance to in other circumstances. 

My sense of support has increased tenfold; along with strengthening my relationship with my mom, I’ve also had the chance to get to know myself better. This break in my usual unrelenting routine has led to many unlikely values and memories I’ll cherish for years to come. With pride in my stride, I can confidently say day-by-day I feel lighter. Combating stressors has never felt so easy. 

I leave you with this knowledge and implore you to set aside a few hours and spend time with someone you hold dear to your heart. The pros likely outweigh the cons and you’ll be grateful in the long run. 


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