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Reality Setting In

Imagine a young girl who spends her time in the art of painting. She loves expressing herself through the craft and it is all she thinks about in school. She dreams of selling her art to those who will cherish it as much as she does, she wants to attend an art school to develop her talents and live in an environment that will have her thrive in her department. She desires to become famous and well known for her work; she wants to share her perspectives with the world.

But what are the chances of her succeeding and making a salary from this dream of hers? This is what holds her back. This is what holds most students back. The idea that although they get to pursue their dream, how will they support themselves on their own? Money is a big discussion when speaking about potential careers. Many will say “do whatever brings you joy,” but will it be enough to support you financially? Will it be enough to pay the bills?

The young girl has a talent for math and science, so she pursues engineering where she will make a great amount of money for her job. But is it truly what she wants? She wants to paint her heart out. But she can’t. Money is a simple way to hold many people back from their true potential. It keeps them in the chain to be ordinary.


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