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Players Can’t Play Helldivers 2

Konnor Kristiansen | Writer

ATTENTION ALL HELLDIVERS! A new enemy has been found, and it's not the Terminids or Automatons, it's server capacity.

Arrowhead Game Studios’ newest game, HELLDIVERS 2, has completely blown up seemingly overnight on social media apps like TikTok and X. Reaching an all-time PC player count of 457,649, which is about 76 times greater than the original game’s player count of 6,691. This unprecedented player count has added stress to servers and has stopped users from playing the game. Many players, including myself, have seen over two hours of loading time. What caused this? Arrowhead Game Studios didn’t anticipate this amount of players. 

“Despite our best efforts to increase server capacity…we are experiencing capacity issues. We are once more working without delay to improve the issue and we hope to have a fix in place as soon as possible,” said HELLDIVERS 2 on X. I did try to reach out to Arrowhead Game Studios to get a comment about the current situation, they did not respond.

Although there is a long queue,  many are willing to wait for the chance to play, and many rate the game positively; as 69% of the total reviews on Steam, a video game distributor, are positive. The negative reviews are mostly about the wait time and queue. With the game only being three weeks old, I predict that the problem will be fixed in a few weeks. Till then Helldivers, Good Luck, and Have Fun. Give ‘em Hell. 

Photo courtesy by Martin Lopez, on Pexels


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