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New Netflix Original is Warming Hearts

Maura Mahmood | Staff Writer

As the semester is quickly coming to an end, are you looking for a new feel-good TV show to binge? “Heartstopper” has arrived on Netflix just in time.

The TV series is based on Alice Oseman’s popular webcomic and subsequent graphic novel of the same name. The romantic comedy tells the story of Nick and Charlie, two teenagers learning how to love at an all-boys school in England.

Fans are drawn to Heartstopper for its plot and the representation it provides. Queer representation, while increasing, is still few and far between. Trans representation is even less so.

Nick and Charlie’s love story is charming and witty and genuine. It is difficult to find queer stories that are not filled with pain and grief, but Heartstopper simply lets them exist and love.

The adaptation from webcomic to television screen is almost seamless. Taking scenes directly from the comic while also adding new content and characters, the show leaves fans old and new gaining something more.

But why would you want to watch it?

The most enticing part of the story is the characters. After watching the show, I fell in love with the characters in a whole new way.

From Nick, a bisexual rugby player working through his newfound sexuality crisis, to Elle, a black trans woman starting at a new school, there are so many characters to relate to and find comfort in.

“Heartstopper” is the perfect way to unwind and destress after a long semester.


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