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My Sun Lamp Experience

I’ve recently learned about the many benefits of sun lamps (also known as happy lamps, light therapy lamps, or SAD lamps, in reference to Seasonal Affective Disorder), and when I saw one for half-price online, I couldn’t resist.

These lamps combat seasonal depression and have an overall mood-boosting effect by mimicking natural sunlight. I decided to try a sun lamp to help me feel more motivated, especially in the mornings. I know that I am most productive in the early morning, before my classes start, but recently it has been a challenge to get myself awake.

The first day with my lamp, I turned it on before hitting snooze on my alarm, hoping that the light would help me wake up gradually. It did, but I discovered something surprising. Within seconds of turning on the light, my cat sat down in front of it.

Once I was awake, I left the light on for her to enjoy. She was glued to it, which led me to do some quick research. I discovered that sun-lamps can be effective for cats, too. Additional “sunlight” can improve cats’ mood, energy levels, and even prevent seasonal hair loss. My cat loses her hair often, due to separation anxiety, so I am overjoyed to have found something that might help.

I had no idea that light therapy could help animals as well as humans, so I look forward to seeing the impact on my cat and myself.


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