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Muggles Mug Harry Potter-Themed Coffee Shop

Andi Hoherchak | Writer

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you should visit the Muggles Mug coffee shop in downtown Jim Thorpe.

This Potter-themed coffee shop serves drinks and desserts inspired by the franchise, including creamy Butterbeer, a popular drink of choice in the Harry Potter books and movies.

The coffee shop is home to antique Harry Potter-themed furniture, with large couches and chairs covered with the Hogwarts House colors.

Situated on small tables, are props used in the movies such as Hogwarts’ textbooks and games of Wizard Chess.

My favorite part of the coffee shop is the projector that plays the Harry Potter Movies on a loop throughout the day.

The commitment to the Potter atmosphere makes Muggles the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious treat and complete some homework.


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