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Movies Can Save Your College Experience

Kipp Tonkin | Writer

College makes every student feel some form of emotions, from excited to bored and even annoyed or angry. These emotions sometimes hinder our school work and motivation to do good in school. Breaks are important to regain our sanity, and a 2 hour movie is just the medicine to cure the mental anguish that college can give.

To get an extra boost of motivation, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a great choice. This movie follows Mr. Fox as he discovers his place in the world. He never gives up and always finds a way to protect his community and inspire others.

When you are angry at a boring professor for grading unfairly, Luca can be used to lift your spirits. Of course, we all usually choose a Will Ferrell movie, but Luca has a great music score and reminds us of the joys of summer.

Want a movie that will help you think? Movies like Jo Jo Rabbit, Inception, and Inglourious Basterds get the brain flowing and make you question everything you are doing with your life.

Lastly, all around great movies worth watching include The Darjeeling Limited, Nightmare Alley, A Marriage Story, and The Father. All of these movies are worth a watch and can keep our heads on our shoulders. The right movie at the right time has the power to change a person's life.


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