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Mastering the Chaos: Staying Calm During Finals

Caroline Sweeney | Writer

As finals week descends upon us, it is common for stress levels to skyrocket. The pressure to perform well can feel overwhelming, leading to anxiety and panic. As someone who considers themselves a bit of an overachiever, I feel this especially. Nevertheless, I have learned strategies over the years that have helped me stay calm during finals and run across the finish line into summer break. 


One strategy I have learned over the years is to only focus on what is within my control. In life, there are things I have no say in, such as what material will be on a final exam. However, what I can control is how I study and prepare for my finals. I also determine my attitude going into my exams. If I walk in expecting I am going to fail, that will most likely be the outcome. Instead of worrying about things I can not change, I focus on what I can control—such as my study habits, time management, and attitude towards my exams. 


I have also found that reaching out for support is crucial during this time. Whether it is venting to a friend or making an appointment to talk to a counselor, it can provide some much-needed perspective and encouragement. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, family, or counselors for support.  


By implementing these strategies, you can navigate finals week with greater ease and confidence. Remember, you are almost across the finish line!


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