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Managing College as an Introvert

Makenna Delucia | Writer

As an introvert, college life can be challenging at times. Finding balance between socialization and alone time is crucial for us introverts. Make sure to take care of yourself, set boundaries, and allow yourself to recharge in privacy when you need it. Finding smaller, more intimate social groups or joining clubs and organizations with people of similar interests here at LCCC might help you feel more comfortable and connected. 

I struggle with forming relationships with other students on campus. One tip for initiating conversation and building relationships with other students is to start with a common interest. For a conversation starter, ask what clubs or activities they are involved in on campus! 

In a way, it is enjoyable to make new friends but it can also be a challenge for people who are not used to stepping out of their comfort zones.

The key tip for overcoming the challenge of stepping out of your comfort zone is to take it slowly. You can begin by pushing yourself to engage in small social interactions. For example, striking up a conversation with a classmate or participating in class discussions. Start small and increase your social engagement as you become more comfortable, and

remember to celebrate each little success along the way!

Although it may seem silly to celebrate something so small, once you begin to open up more to others, you will notice a positive change in your social behavior! Be confident in yourself!


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