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Manage Stress for Success

Taheerah Pasha Mohammad | Writer

Academic achievers, are you struggling to pass courses, complete assignments, manage time dealing with family issues, and work on self-care? If you are one of these students, you are not alone. These challenges can cause stress and anxiety, but fortunately, LCCC offers free counseling.

LCCC Counseling Center helps students obtain helpful advice on balancing tasks and coping with daily stressors.

"Sometimes it's just overwhelming," said an LCCC student who is juggling many demands simultaneously.

Every session with a counselor is kept confidential, as all ethical and legal guidelines must be followed.

"It is important for all counselors to be open-minded to meet the needs of the students," said Jeff Herman, a therapist from the LCCC Counseling Center.

According to the Counseling Center, many students take advantage of their services. More than 100 sessions are booked each semester, as students are encouraged to utilize all the school's tools to transition through the college experience.

"Counselors help to identify specific strategies for each person to help them overcome their obstacles,” said Lauren Falgout, a counselor from the LCCC Counseling Center. "Counseling is person-centered, specifically for you."

Personal counseling services are available by appointment in person, via zoom, and over the phone. LCCC Counseling services are located on the Schnecksville campus in room 126. Appointments are also available at the Donley and Morgan locations. Email for details.


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