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“Live More, Work Less”

Francesca DiFiore | Writer

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely important to pay your bills and fuel up your vehicles; I’m not here to tell you to stop doing all of that. But I think a lot of us miss out on the fun things life has to offer, simply because we are needed for our jobs. I find myself covering shifts often at my family’s pizza shop because I struggle with the word “no”. I'm always the first person there to run things smoothly when someone is needed. Being the first to step up is exhausting, and sometimes I expect my morning off so I can finally get some laundry done or cook a home-cooked meal. Sometimes I expect that night off so I can spend quality time doing something I enjoy The problem is that the more reliable you are, the more you’re expected to be present. It’s great to earn money, and to be a hard worker, but you have to consider your own mental and physical health above all. What good will you be to your job if you’re worn out? What good will you be to YOURSELF if you’re worn out?


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