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Letter from the Editor

Sophia Shuhay | Editor

It is crazy to think that the semester is quickly coming to an end. It seems like yesterday I began editing my first news story! I have had such a great time being an editor for “The Paw Print.” It has been an amazing opportunity being able to learn vastly about the world of editing; I have found a new love for it.

Not only has this class taught me so much, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading and editing the different stories and blogs. It is as if I am stepping into someone's mind for a minute. I find so much joy in reading about other people, what they love to do, and the advice that they choose to share with the world. I wish I could take this class again, however, I cannot.

I want to thank Professor Heimann for being such a good mentor, and I encourage every journalism student to interview for the editing position!


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