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Words From the Editors

My journey at LCCC is slowly coming to an end. It makes me very nervous for the future and for what’s to come next. I didn’t have the best high school experience, I just didn’t love it nor do I miss it when looking back. However, while there, Journalism was my favorite subject, it was truly the only thing I looked forward to in the day. I couldn’t wait to graduate and get everything over with, but Journalism was the one thing I knew I would miss and I still do.

When I found out there was a journalism class at LCCC, I knew I had to take it. Yet again, it was the one thing I looked forward to. The journalistic style of writing has always been my favorite. It allows me to be honest and gives me room to express myself without having to worry about MLA format and all the things about essays that don’t make writing fun. Journalism allows you to be creative but also give people all the facts.

When I got the news that I was going to be an Editor for the PawPrint, I was ecstatic. I was so excited to see what happens behind the scenes of the newspaper and be able to help others improve their writing. This job has not disappointed me and I am forever thankful for my time as a writer and editor, as well as the time spent with Mrs. Heimann and fellow editors, Jasmyn and Cassidy. I look forward to seeing what my experience will be at the next publication I choose to help out in.


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