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Letter From Editor

Alex Perez | Editor

Here it is, the end of the semester and the approaching winter vacation. It has been a fun ride, but here we are.

Last semester I would’ve never imagined that I would find myself having a voice in the school’s newspaper, let alone be one of its editors. It has been fun, stressful, and gratifying all at once.

This semester has been crazy, and I had an even crazier writing journey, one I am nothing but grateful for. This opportunity was given to me by Professor Heimann, and thanks to her I was able to discover my love for editing blogs and news stories. 

Now I’m looking forward to growing not only as a writer, but also as a person as my journey here at LCCC is almost over. To everyone that took time out of their day to read what I’ve been writing (yes, even if you did it just for reference), thank you! 

As this is probably the last thing I’ll ever write here, I’ll leave you with this: life will scare you. It will scare you, and sometimes there will be instances when things in it will haunt you. It’s okay to be afraid of that, it’s okay to feel like new experiences are terrifying. Do not let that fear make you a spectator in your own life, because it’s better to try and fail than never try and stay with the what-if. 

Enjoy the rest of the semester, and, if possible, the rest of your life. 


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