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LCCC Transfer Fair Helps Students Plan for Bright Future

Writer| Cielo Giandomenico

Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) held a Fall Transfer Fair at the Schnecksville campus on Wednesday, Oct.20, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The fair included representatives from more than 40 colleges and universities who educated attendees on financial aid options, majors offered, and more.

Fauzia Graham, LCCC’s academic transfer advisor, offers a key piece of advice to all transfer students: “the earlier they plan, the better it is for them to transfer.”

This was Graham’s first in-person event, as she was hired during the coronavirus pandemic, and previous events have been virtual.

Both Graham and the college representatives feel it’s important for transfer students to get in contact with their top college choices and start asking questions about their transfer process.

Not all students who attended the fair are set on transferring right away. Kira Kuehner and Rachael Bath are second-year students at LCCC who attended the fair with different plans for their future.

Kuehner is not looking to transfer right away; instead, she wants to go into the workforce after she graduates. She attended the event to see what colleges are out there for her should she decide to continue her education.

“Having to redo some [classes], that’s my biggest fear,” Bath said.

A student who is unsure if their credits will transfer or not can request their transcript from LCCC and have it sent to their school of choice for review.

An extra perk to the fair was the raffle which contained prizes ranging from gift cards to a laptop. There was also a give-a-way wheel that offered immediate prizes featuring LCCC merchandise.

Students who missed the Transfer Fair should contact Fauzia Graham at 610-799-1691 or to ask questions or schedule an appointment for more details.


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