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LCCC’s Sweat for Swag lands a hit with punch card workout program

Ashley Guava | Writer

Fitness and Wellness Specialist Patrick Cassidy next to free Cougar swag


Time to get moving!

Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) students hit the ground running… or walking, with Sweat for Swag, a punch card workout program with free Cougar swag and other prizes included.

Fitness and Wellness Specialist, Patrick Cassidy, created the program.

“It’s about the determination to come to the fitness center, the drive to do that and get physically well, and the motivation of: 'people love free stuff,'” Patrick Cassidy says. “You get free stuff early to establish a reward. The goal is, after 10 times, this becomes a routine. Once it becomes routine, it becomes a habit.”

Starting is tough without motivation, but the program has your back.

Your card gets punched once per day when you go in for a workout, whether it’s for machines in the fitness center, activities in the gymnasium, or classes in the dance studio. Completing a certain amount of workouts marks different prize milestones.

The first workout guarantees to leave with an LCCC wristband. Five workouts earn a water bottle, 10 grants an LCCC t-shirt, 30 workouts upgrades to a long sleeve t-shirt, 50 means a free hoodie, and 55 plus workouts win an entry for a $100 Amazon gift card.

More than 100 students are currently involved, with 15 already hitting the 10 workout mark this month.

“I’m honestly just excited that the gym is open,” said sophomore student Bailey Dejesus. “I think so many college kids want to be more proactive with their health but have no way to start because gym memberships are expensive or there’s no room at home. The program is cool because it gives you a goal that you can work towards and get active with without hyper-fixating on results of working out like weight loss. It makes it more inviting, and who doesn’t like free stuff?“


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