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LCCC Revives GSA Pride Club

Max Barajas | Writer

Advisor Fred Damon promotes the GSA Pride Club at the LCCC Activities Fair. He is seated behind a table.
Advisor Fred Damon promotes the GSA Pride Club at LCCC’s Activity Fair.

The LCCC GSA (Gender and Sexuality Acceptance) Pride Club will launch this fall, led by advisor Fred Damon and several students.

According to the brochure for the Pride Club, “The purpose of the club is to celebrate and promote diversity, provide support for LGBTQ+ students and their allies, [and] create campus awareness and acceptance through hosting social acceptance and advocacy.”

Studies show when a school has that representation, there is a better chance that students will feel safe, comfortable, and welcome at their school.

This year, Damon wants to revive the club and have a strong community of students eager to join. With more students, the club can plan events to raise awareness and increase advocacy. For the club, advocacy means promoting sensitivity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ students. They plan to do this by bringing in guest speakers for the LCCC community.

Last year, the club focused on gender identity. Specifically, they worked on promoting sensitivity and inclusion through the usage of pronouns and discussing how students want to be referred to in class.

Now that more students are back on campus, Damon thinks this will help reenergize the club.

“I do believe that the people who want to be in the club want to be in person,” said Damon. “Here there are people mostly the same age, in similar places in school, all going through similar experiences. Together, we can share that in person.”

At this year’s activity fair, Damon collected over 50 signatures from students, more than last year’s number of around 12-15. Last year not as many students were present on campus, which meant that the club was not able to provide many social events and make goals.

“Prior to the pandemic this club was very active,” said Gene Eden, Director of Student Life at LCCC. “They sponsored awareness events, assisted with LCCC's table at Pride in the Park and even held several dances on campus. I am excited to have Fred serving as an advisor and to see how the club will develop and grow under his guidance. Clubs such as the GSA Pride are important for students for many reasons such as developing and creating a space for students to connect, build community, and serve as advocates as we work to build an inclusive campus culture.”

Fred Damon hopes to have a productive year with the club, with a strong group of students willing to come forward to share their thoughts and be proud of who they are and proud to raise awareness and be strong together. Students interested in joining the club or learning more information can contact Fred Damon at


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