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It’s Good To Be Busy

Alex Perez | Editor

For a while now, I’ve found myself becoming busier and busier as the fall semester progresses. My days consist of leaving home early in the morning and coming back late at night, sometimes early evenings if I’m lucky.

For context, this semester I decided that I wanted to reinvent the way I administered my time, due to the amount of activities I would be involved in compared to the prior semesters. It was a must!

Many of these activities are time-consuming— as well as draining at times— so it is hard to balance alone time, as well as my social life. This is not to say that I regret the decisions I’ve taken or that I want to stop doing these things, but it is important to highlight the toll that doing this takes on someone.

I’m not trying to advertise putting too many things on your plate to handle at once, but when everything seems fun and you want to try it all, how can one resist? That was my thought process when opportunities just started showing up, and I was too excited to deny them.

So I made a plan that has worked for me so far. The plan consists of managing my activities with both a physical and digital calendar, which helps with managing my time throughout the week. Other things such as alone time, exercising, and being present have helped as well.

In short, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Even though it may seem hard at first, it will be rewarding in the end.


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