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Is Old K-pop Ever Coming Back?

Sapphire Kinard | Writer

Alex Perez | Editor

Remember the days when K-pop was structured strictly and the quality of music was heavily taken into consideration?

In recent years, the genre of K-pop has become more lenient towards the quality of music and stricter on performances. The new generation of K-pop seems to bring a more classic sound and vibe.

On the other hand, the older era of K-pop didn’t get this leniency. For instance, back then everyone debuted with performance titles (or positions). An example would be the “Face of The Group” (FOTG), usually assigned after the group’s debut. This position was given to the performer—also referred to as member— who was the most popular.

Now, with the new generation, these positions cease to exist.

With the start of the new era, we see that what was old became new again with an amazing debut from the group “Xikers,” which showcased all of their positions in an organized manner.

There is also the return of sexy songs and R&B from the group “KISS OF LIFE,” which debuted as a girl group without any minors. The release of their new mini album showcases every member's singing abilities and stage presence. This concept— which had been very popular from K-pop solo sensation “Hyuna” and groups like “BTS”— returns in a new form.

The return of old concepts and structures has me excited, and if you are interested in K-pop, I frankly suggest you check out the newest groups!!


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