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Humans on Mars by 2024

NASA has put humans on the moon, now it’s time to put them on Mars.

Technology in astronomy is enhancing every day. The new rover on Mars is called Perseverance, and this device will help astronauts discover if life was ever on Mars and if humans can live there one day.

So far, NASA has found ice and preserved rocks which implies that there was once life on Mars. It will take milestones for humans to colonize there, but it’s not impossible. In 2024, NASA and SpaceX are planning to put the first person on Mars. As Astrology strengthens, it may be possible to send people to Mars in the future.

Richard Hollingham from Future Magazine interviews Norbert Kraft, chief medical officer from Mars One, about sending humans to Mars.

“I’m going to give them so many challenges,” Kraft says. “My hope is that when they get to Mars, they’ll say ‘compared to what Norbert put us through, Mars is a paradise!’’

Sending astronauts to Mars will be one of the biggest accomplishments in history, just like the Moon landing. Knowing life was on Mars before, gives astronomers and physicists hope to one day have civilization travel and develop there. Earth was once a planet with no life, now Mars may be the next Earth. Will you be up for the challenge of flying to Mars?


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