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How To Kill Time: Featuring WXLV Radio Station

Robert Thomas | Writer

Whether you’re an LCCC student who just missed the bus to go home, waiting for another student to finish class, or simply have plenty of time with nothing to do. You may often find yourself wondering what to do on campus. Here is one of the best ways to kill all that excess time: go to the WXLV Digital Media and Design Lab!

I discovered WXLV during my second year of attending LCCC and since then it’s been a place I regularly hang out in. It is an exciting place to be in and it’s filled with so many things to do! Many go there to play musical instruments and video games, others host podcasts and even record their music.

WXLV has many opportunities, my personal favorite is socializing. I’ve made many friends and gotten compliments from others who go there. I’ve played bass with a fantastic drummer and showed off my decent gaming skills in front of an audience that interacts with me by cheering me on and making conversation.

The most important— and personally the best part about WXLV— is Peter Sabino, the lab’s aide. He is at WXLV to help anyone who wants to enjoy the resources offered. He is a very welcoming and understanding person whose job is to make sure everything in the building runs like it is intended, as he wants everyone to enjoy the lab (even if it’s just for entertainment). If you have any questions for Peter, you can email him or simply walk over to WXLV and ask. He is always there to help!

His email is


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