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How Colleges Utilize Social Media to Increase Enrollment

Aaliyah Abarca | Writer

As rates of students going to college continue to decrease, colleges have had to find different ways to attract new applicants, as well as keep current students engaged. Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) has utilized the power of social media to help make that happen.

“Our prospective student base is ever-changing and ever-evolving; we have to keep up to date with the best avenues to reach them,” said Jill Yapsuga, the Director of Marketing and Digital Media at LCCC. “We do that through our marketing efforts, certainly, but also through our social media.”

LCCC acknowledges that in order to be on the radar of possible new applicants, a social media presence is necessary. With the rise of TikTok, LCCC has had the opportunity to develop new and more creative types of content in addition to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Danny Melin, Content Developer and Social Media Specialist for LCCC, believes that being able to “showcase so many different kinds of students on social media goes a long way in showing potential students that this school is accepting, inclusive, and equitable and that certainly helps enrollment.”

Not only has he had the opportunity to showcase the activities of current students, but he can also share the facilities and resources that LCCC has to offer.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of potential new students, Melin finds it best to pay attention to different events that are happening on campus so that these applicants can see what LCCC student life looks like.

Social media also increases school spirit. So not only does it attract the attention of future students, but it also helps current students stay engaged with student activities and gives them something to be proud of.


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