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Getting Over Photo Block

Brandon Santiago | Writer

Do you ever lose your creativity? Whether you’re a painter, graphic designer, photographer, or even a writer, there comes a time when you go through what I call “Photo Block.” I call it a photo block as a photographer, but many may be more familiar with the term ‘Writer's Block.’

What is writer's block? To put it simply, it's when a writer isn’t able to produce work or they’re facing a lack of creativity to put their work together.

Why do we have writer's block? Is it because we’re scared? Scared to see what people think about our work? Is it because we’re perfectionists? Do we need that perfect piece to finally show to the world?

I’ve learned to overcome the fear of what people will think of my work. I used to see other artist’s work and think I’d never get to their level of skill. It got to a point where I wanted to sell my first camera. But, I kept it and pushed through. I promised myself to stop looking at everyone’s work and to just focus on my own. I took thousands of bad photos and thousands of not so bad photos. Then it got to a point where I was taking some photos that I never thought I could take. Some that I felt other people would enjoy.

No matter what you do, if you have a dream to be an artist, be it. Be it on your own terms. Control and fall in love with yourself, and your art. The time will come where you will know exactly what paint, what camera setting, or what topic you will use in your next piece.


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