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Friendships Can Start in a Single Click

Dennis Paul | Writer

Hey everyone, Dennis here. So, I want to discuss something that has really changed my life for the better over the past year. The world we live in is — for the most part—  a hectic place full of stressful moments that can really hurt one’s mental state. I know because I've dealt with a lot over the past few months. But in late December of  2022, I was introduced to a group of friends that would change my life. 

Collectively we go by “The Hybrid Hills” as we are all Twitch streamers. The group consists of me, “XeryHighLife,” “OGKickback,”, “RiderCGA,” and “JarexTG.” I came into the crew during an episode of Schmacked Down Live, which is XeryHighLife’s premiere show on his Twitch channel. The show is a crazy, shenanigan-filled wrestling program based on WWE 2k23. Ever since then, we have had a blast creating content for the show and thanks to them, I found the inspiration to become a streamer myself. 

We started as just streaming partners, but over the past few months we got to know each other off screen and they became some of the best friends I could ever ask for. They have also helped me through some rough times. Whenever I'm going through my issues with anxiety and depression, we can hop into a voice call on discord and talk about business or dumb stuff to help me forget the stress of the world. I will never forget the night of my 23rd birthday when all of my friends abandoned me and basically ditched our plans. We went and had a whole discord movie night and we watched the movie Cloverfield, and it was honestly the best birthday party I ever had.

The Hybrid Hills community has easily been the highlight of my personal life. I never thought I’d meet people who would become my best friends online, but that’s why I cherish the friendships I have created with these guys more than anything on Earth. 


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