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Follow Your Heart

Sophia Shuhay | Writer

I constantly ask myself, “What do I want to major in?” Well, after years of schooling, I still cannot find an answer to that question. I have explored countless majors such as criminal justice, marketing, writing, biology, history, etc. Honestly, all those majors sound great, but when I think about spending the rest of my life doing anything related to them, I don’t feel excited. More importantly, I don’t feel motivated to be GREAT or the best version of myself in any of those fields.

I want to LOVE what I do for work one day. Considering the state of our economy, many people feel inclined to settle for a good-paying job because it is the best option to support themselves and their families. I’ve tried doing this, but I am simply not interested in any of those jobs! So, what now? Well, the only thing I could think of was taking time to reflect on what I genuinely love. I thought about what brings me pure joy throughout the day that I could never get tired of. For me, the answer was music.

Because figuring out what you want to major in is hard enough, I encourage you to disregard the opinions of others, the salary of a future job, and what others want for you. Instead, think about what you love, what fulfills you, and what excites you about work. Work is much more gratifying when it’s something that makes you happy. Think about it: classes that you are interested in are so much easier and more enjoyable than the ones you must take to meet requirements. The career you choose will be the one you do for a long time, so why cheat yourself out of a career that you love?


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