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Five Secrets to Happy and Healthy Houseplants

As daunting as it may seem, house plant care is really quite simple. I’ve been growing my indoor jungle for a few years now, and here are a few tips I have picked up.

  1. It’s often better to under-water than over-water - Most plants will more likely recover from being a little too dry than being too wet. But listen to your plant. If it’s drooping, feel the soil. If the soil is dry, maybe give it a bit of water. If the soil is still moist, pull back on the watering a bit.

  2. Fertilize often with a weak solution - Disregard what the label says. I like to use a teaspoon of organic fertilizer (fish emulsion) per gallon of water nearly every time I water my plants. This keeps them healthy and growing all year.

  3. Group plants with similar care requirements together - This makes it easier to keep it all straight. Furthermore, if one plant enjoys a certain spot in your home, chances are that another plant with similar care will too.

  4. Take cuttings to make your plants more full - Propagating is fun because you can make a whole new plant out of one you already have. But if you put your cuttings back into the soil of the ‘mother-plant’, you can make an even bigger, bushier plant. Just keep in mind that the cuttings will need a little more water until their root systems are established.

  5. Get some grow lights - Investing in grow lights has allowed for my plants to get the light they need in order to thrive, no matter the day or the time of year. You can find some very affordable ones online or at a garden center near you.

Plant care isn’t nearly as scary or challenging as it seems. Make sure to research the plant you have, and try not to worry too much about it. Happy gardening!


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