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Fans Have High Hopes for New "Percy Jackson" Series

Alina Dewindt | Writer

"Percy Jackson" is back! Well, not exactly.

At the D23 Expo event, Disney + released a first-look trailer for their upcoming TV series, “Percy Jackson and The Olympians”. The teaser trailer was sitting at an impressive 3.6 million views on Youtube as of September 16.

But how did "Percy Jackson" become such a global phenomenon?

“Percy Jackson and The Olympians” is a fantasy book series written by Rick Rirodan, as it follows the story of a young boy named Percy Jackson who finds out he’s the son of the Greek God Poseidon and is forced to go to a camp for demi-god kids like him as he tries to adjust to this new life he just entered to.

"Percy Jackson" fans are expressing their anticipation for the series.

“I really hope the story is accurate,” said LCCC alumnus Ava Rosario. “With the failed attempt of the movies, it kind of fell apart. But having actual kids playing the characters and Rick Riordan being behind it, it’ll definitely live up to the hype. I know he’s dedicated to making this show special.”

Dominic Ferraro, another LCCC student and fan of the series, also expressed high hopes for the upcoming series.

“I’m interested to see the adaptations of the characters, especially Percy, with this new cast of young actors,” says Ferraro. “I’m also excited to see how they handle camp half blood and the general setting of the Greek mythos that the books included.”

Fans have expressed their hopes that the upcoming show will bring back the nostalgic feeling from when they first read the books.

“I’m hoping that the nostalgia doesn’t cloud my judgment for the series, but the teaser fills me with the hope that it will be a faithful adaptation,” said Frankie Czine, President of LCCC’s Film Club.


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