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Fall Outfit Staples

Colleen Schliemann | Writer

I love fashion content. All the rare times I have ever sat in a nail or hair salon, I have always read Vogue. I wait with bated breaths every year to see the opulence of the Met Gala. I could sit around for hours scrolling through Instagram or TikTok for new fashion trends, or ideas for my next outfit. So, I wanted to go through some of my fall fashion staples to help bring out some creativity!

Long sleeves are so effortless and versatile, whether they are crewneck, boatneck, or a V-neck. They are always a staple in my closet when the weather starts to get chillier. One of my favorite outfits recently has been a tight black long-sleeve shirt with a higher neck, and a pair of my favorite brown flare leggings. This outfit is great for when I run errands, or just need something to throw on before class, but still want to feel put together.

I started watching Gilmore Girls as the fall has been approaching, and it has inspired me to wear more sweaters. Some of my favorites right now are cable knit and oversized. They are extremely versatile as well, whether you wear them with wide-leg jeans or leggings, they are still warm, cozy, and chic. I have also found that the best sweaters I own are from thrift stores. So, I recommend taking a chilly, boring fall day and stopping at your local thrift store to find your next favorite sweater.

At the end of the day, wear what is comfortable for you, but this is what I have been loving lately; including my oversized sweatshirts as well.


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