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DC Challenges Marvel’s Reign Over Superhero Genre

Ava Rosario | Writer

The Marvel vs. DC feud has been alive for years. Recent DC victories may make fans ready to settle the battle.

DC Comics is getting more super. With the success of more recent releases, it’s time to beg the question, “Does DC compare to Marvel?”

Before these successes, it was largely understood, mostly by Marvel fans, that DC had its issues in storytelling. Movies like Man of Steel, Aquaman, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice suffered from the criticism of both critics and general audiences. It seemed like Marvel’s ratings and box office victories would always prevail.

DC fans believe otherwise.

“Their many universes and continuities allow them to constantly tell new stories and explore the depth and humanity of their characters in ways Marvel can’t,” Clint Thornburg, Secretary of LCCC’s Film Club, said, “Thanks to their stories being housed in a single, ongoing universe.”

Dylan Kuntz, a DC and Marvel fan from Lock Haven University, also admires DC’s character development.

“Their effort to make more accurate characters, especially villains, makes DC stand out to me,” he said. “Sure Marvel is funny, but it lacks the tough reality that DC has a grasp on.”

With Joker depicting the effects of mental health and The Batman’s take on political corruption, the darkness of DC is gaining popularity.

Thornburg applauds DC’s dedication to inclusivity.

“They treat their employees better than Marvel tends to, and they’re far more dedicated to inclusion in both their employee and character lineups,” he said.

It’s DC’s recent shift to more standalone films that’s swaying even the most dedicated Marvel fans.

“DC has many paths they can take with a more lax universe,” Kuntz said. “Standalone movies will offer more perspective for characters that haven’t been cemented into place over a number of films.”

The future of DC is unknown, but superhero fans across the board are ready to see which nemesis will claim victory.


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