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Creating a Happy, Healthy Mindset through Meditation

It is only human for students to get stressed about assignments and grades. Managing this stress, however, is extremely important for maintaining a healthy mindset during the semester.

According to, meditation is a proven stress reliever that can aid students in dealing with stress and give them a clear head when working in school. Meditation is the act of focusing on an object or feeling, doing this can help develop a clear and balanced mind. One of the simpler and more common ways to meditate is to sit with crossed legs, closed eyes, and focus on breathing. Meditation has been proven to increase memory, creativity, test grades, and scores, as well as, better night sleeps. All these effects encourage improvement in schoolwork.

LCCC student Colby Kunkle decided to put this method to the test over a week-long period, and the results were immediate. Kunkle had taken up meditating for 5-10 minutes, twice a day, once when he woke up and once before he went to bed. Kunkle mentioned that the daily meditation was a great way to clear his mind and set goals throughout the week. “Nature and the outside world also proved to be more beautiful than ever. I would say it is totally worth it as long as you have the time and consistency,” added Kunkle.

College can be a stressful environment when dealing with multiple classes, homework, and a whole new learning environment from home. It is important to take care of oneself mentally and make sure you can maximize your potential. Meditation is a great way to do these things and only takes 5-10 minutes out of the day.


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