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Communication in Relationships

Brandon Renford | Writer

Ethan Antalosky | Editor

Many factors can contribute to why relationships can be complicated. I believe the toughest challenge for any type of relationship is communication.

Some people may not know how to express their emotions or they may overly express themselves by “over-communicating”. Such factors may push someone away depending on how they take your expressions.

Some may take the lack of communication as if the other person doesn’t care or doesn’t share the same values. A lack of communication leads to insufficient team knowledge, like a misunderstanding or regular conflict, with employees.

Employee self-esteem and ineffective teamwork can alter the way you work. The employee engagement and communication skills of people interacting with each other are zero in such a scenario and this stops a business entity as well as everyone associated with it from reaching its full potential.

Over-communication can refer to giving away too much information or communication that occurs too frequently. Some think it is annoying but some prefer to be always kept in the loop. When you over-communicate, it can feel spammy and like you want to be someone’s parent. For me, less is best. Get right to the point; I don’t need details.

Communication is the foundation for all human relationships. We use communication as a tool to share with others, understand, resolve conflicts, collaborate, and build warm and trusting relationships.


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