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Changing the Education Mindset

I think that many LCCC students might agree that this past school year hasn't felt very fulfilling. Even though I have done relatively well in my classes, I have not felt proud or successful. It wasn't until I made my personal life a priority that I began to get out of this funk.

I've recently taken up crocheting, which hadn't been of interest to me until I needed something to fill my time, and it has been an incredible confidence boost. At the beginning, it required a lot of focus and patience (I had to restart projects several times until I finally got it right), but I quickly became more comfortable with it.

I think the main reason it makes me feel so accomplished is that I chose to put in the effort to learn how to do it. Because school has been so draining these past two semesters, I haven't retained much of the information I’ve studied. When you choose to sit down and actively learn and progress at something that genuinely interests you, the payoff is far greater than something you go into half-heartedly.

In the coming years, I am going to try to see my education experience the same way I see crochet. It felt practically impossible at first, but the more I wanted to learn, the easier it was to pick it up. Hopefully that thought process carries over into other aspects of my life.


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