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Boundaries as Self-care

Ashley Guava | Writer

Sometimes we can be scared of drawing the proverbial line. We overextend ourselves and end up feeling resentment or burnout, whether in interpersonal relationships, work, or school. Recently, I heard the quote “‘No’ is a complete sentence” and realized how the word no, with no explanation, can cause guilt or anxiety; but no is all about creating boundaries that allow you to better use your time.

So, how are boundaries self care?

Healthy boundaries can be defined as guidelines or limits that work in our best interest and communicate how we want to be treated. It isn’t mean or wrong, just you recognizing what you need. When you set boundaries, you’re taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing.

Setting boundaries improves communication and confidence, lowers stress and anger, allows you to feel more protected, and gives you time to do the things that nourish you best. It helps develop assertiveness too! This practice is essentially respecting and honoring yourself. When you take a stand for yourself, you’re also less likely to get stuck in doubt and self criticism.

What are tips for setting better boundaries?

1. You first have to figure out what’s most important to you and what you want to see show up in your life. What brings you energy? What brings resentment? 2. Allow yourself to take a pause and realize everything isn’t automatically your responsibility (this will help if you deal with guilt). 4. Be direct: you don’t need to over-explain. 5. Find what you want to say yes to.


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