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Anime or Manga? Why not both?

Jessica Frank | Writer

I love anime. Yes, you heard me correctly, and I’m proud to say it. If you’ve ever wondered if anime is for you, then ask yourself this: “Why WOULDN’T it be right for me?” You see, everyone has their own little tastes and since you can’t please everyone, why not give it a chance, right?

For starters, anime comes in either Dub (English) or Sub (Usually Japanese). I myself have seen many anime in both versions, and some I keep close to my heart. I do this because it makes me happy. I have seen over 28 anime and if you watch it too, then you already know what happens when you become emotionally attached to a character. Long story short, it can be a roller coaster of emotions.

Then we have the more visual hand-held version. Introducing manga, a comic book’s weird third cousin twice removed! In all seriousness, manga is a book typically read backwards, starting at the back and going right to left. If you’re lucky enough, sometimes there are instructions at the front of it. Manga has more pictures and not as much writing as your typical everyday book. I myself have around 7 or so in my collection from different kinds of anime.

No matter where your preferences lie, both are amazing. So go and give it a try, you might even be surprised!


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